SIPCOM brings clients into the 21st century and prepares them for the GDPR

When insurance and reinsurance brokerage EC3 Brokers first settled into its new office, it knew it had some work to do.

How Microsoft Teams will transform the workplace

We have blogged several times recently about Microsoft Teams, one of the latest additions to Microsoft�s Office 365 portfolio and one of the most exciting development in collaboration and team working technology that we have seen for years. This is a product that truly can transform working practices in a multitude of ways.

A Different Design for Disaster

Mitigate against risk and don’t invest and gamble on one physical location for all the technologies upon which your business relies.

Strategies to combat Shadow IT

Shadow IT snuck into the spotlight in 2014 and, according to research, the phenomenon is set to grow ever more prevalent throughout 2015. Netskope’s January 2015 Cloud Report found that on average there are now 613 cloud apps in use within an organisation, up from 579 in Q3 2014.

Are you cloud ready?

The cloud market is progressing rapidly and the stats speak for themselves.