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Enhance your business, ensure compliance and deliver the best possible service to your customers with call recording.

Years of Experience

SIPCOM offers secure and stable call recording services that enable the recording of key business interactions within any organisation across multiple platforms.

Built on proven technology and leveraging years of experience in developing and integrating call recording solutions, our solutions are compatible with VoIP, TDM, and hybrid telephony environments.

The solution is configured using an intuitive web-based interface, which simplifies system deployments and reduces support requirements. The functionality of our call recording solutions goes beyond the simple recording of calls. You can now automatically analyse what is going on in those calls: from assessing the effectiveness of call handling scripts, to identifying customer service trends or spotting product mentions in calls.

Customer Satisfaction

By monitoring interactions between your employees and customers, not only can you highlight quality service performed by your staff, but you can also resolve customer complaints before they become larger issues.

Quality Control

Call recording can assist in the reduction of entry errors. The software allows information to be saved for review, so important details are not mistyped, lost or forgotten. Quality control not only saves time and money, but also ensures professional, reliable service levels.

Training & Reviews

Information gathered during the process can be utilised for effective training and performance reviews. By analysing past and current recordings, managers and supervisors can compare individual staff progress to company standards.

Corporate Liability

By analysing specific recordings, your company can defuse many scenarios, including disputes, and avoid potential (and costly) lawsuits. Recorded phone calls can serve as evidence, which can be used to verify what each of the communicating parties said about an issue.

Regulation and Code of Practice Compliance

Whether it is the FSA, OFT, MiFID, ICOB or TCF, SIPCOM has considerable experience in helping companies of all sizes to meet compliance requirements by providing cost-effective call recording solutions that ensure suitable records are kept, staff are regularly monitored and consistently trained, and an audit trail is maintained. With appropriate setup, our call recording systems can be used as part of a PCI/DSS compliant solution.



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