Cloud Migration

Cloud Migration

Virtualised IT applications

Seamless and Rapid Migration

Our Cloud Migration Services provide a safe, seamless and rapid migration of your cloud-ready applications to the SIPCOM enterprise grade cloud.

Most organisations still run the majority of their physical and virtualised IT applications and services within their own on-premises infrastructure.
This leaves significant scope for improving operational efficiencies through the migration of some or all of these processes into a cloud-hosted environment.

Accelerate your time to value by leveraging SIPCOM’s cloud migration reference architecture and standardised migration processes.

  • Proven reference architecture to support complex application migrations to the cloud
  • Worldwide migration support
  • Standardised migration processes using best in class technology

Key benefits of our service include:

  • Reduced installation, upgrade and maintenance costs
  • Flexibility and scalability to accommodate business changes
  • Internal IT resources freed up to focus on other projects

Next Steps

If you would like to ascertain whether moving your in-house applications and services to an off-premises cloud would make sense from a financial and operational perspective, contact us today to find out how cloud migration with SIPCOM makes sense.

Our migration service includes a benchmark migration to prove out the timing, migration process and network and storage connectivity. It also includes a pilot migration on a predefined application set that validates the migration.

Key features of the Cloud Migration Services

  • Immediate access and operation in a cloud environment
  • No upfront capital costs and no long term contracts to worry about
  • Management of multiple geographic server migrations simultaneously
  • Migration of entire environment

Let our experts create a customer solution to meet your business needs.

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Customer First Philosophy

Through rapid deployment of secure, cloud-based software services we deliver high levels of business agility.

We understand that our customers are the reason for our success and so we strive to innovate and create value for them by understanding and anticipating their needs and expectations.



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