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Delivering Cloud Strategy and Solutions

SIPCOM’s consultancy practice focuses on delivering cloud strategy and solutions covering mobile, communication & collaboration.

We provide a range of consulting services to help our customers capitalise on the growth in Cloud Computing. Our first hand experience of building and running a successful cloud infrastructure puts us in a unique position – as business consultants, we can enable you to identify, implement and operate the right solution for your business.

Our consultants will navigate you through the journey of choosing between private, hybrid or community clouds with confidence in our integration skills.

Customers can leverage a full set of infrastructure, platform and software services without the complexity of cloud multi-sourcing. Our skills cover the building of secure networks, specifying enterprise grade connectivity, managing complex application and database platforms,  and delivering fully managed services, alongside our consultancy practice.

Whether you’re looking at the cloud for the first time, at the early stages of cloud adoption, or planning a major migration project, SIPCOM will work with you to ensure your cloud strategy is the right one. We have a wide range of experience helping companies of all sizes across multiple sectors.

Our consultancy practice covers three areas:

  • Strategic Advisory Services: defines your cloud strategy and establishes a roadmap with workshops, assessments and strategies
  • Transformation Services: management process and technical consulting to make sure everything runs smoothly with the implementation of your cloud strategy
  • Migration Services: defines your cloud migration path considering public, private and hybrid models

Let our experts create a customer solution to meet your business needs.

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Customer First Philosophy

Through rapid deployment of secure, cloud-based software services we deliver high levels of business agility.

We understand that our customers are the reason for our success and so we strive to innovate and create value for them by understanding and anticipating their needs and expectations.



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