Skype for Business

With Skype for Business, you can connect with co-workers, clients and business partners, anywhere in the world. From one-on-one calls to sophisticated conference room setups, Skype for Business is an easy-to-use interface that’s seamlessly integrated with Office 365.

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Introducing Skype for Business

Key Features

Enterprise Server Edition

The Skype for Business Server Enterprise edition offers options for businesses with larger user numbers and greater resiliency requirements.

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Multi-site redundancy

Services are delivered from data centres all around the world ensuring a latency optimized route thanks to the global coverage of the  Sipcom HALO ™ Platform.

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Patching & Maintenance

We take care of all the patch management and maintenance with dedicated change windows for each customer.

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99.99% core uptime guarantee and financially backed SLAs

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Reuse Licensing

Leverage your Microsoft EA investment via license mobility and repurpose your licences with Sipcom

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Reporting suite

Gain valuable insights into your business with powerful reporting and monitoring dashboards.

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Why Sipcom?

We're global

Sipcom services are available in 120+ countries, giving you a local presence across the globe and easily accessed through one central admin portal.

We're expert

We are voice specialists and have been an industry leader in delivering cloud-based voice services for over a decade to countries all over the globe.

We're 24/7

Our experienced technical support teams are deployed around the globe and around the clock to keep your business growing at the speed you need.

Greater security

Sipcom® are trusted by world-leading brands and the UK Government. We are approved on the UK Public Services Network and are ISO27001 certified.

Greater scalability

The Sipcom HALO™ Platform is resilient and flexible allowing your business to add new users, teams or whole offices as and when you need them.

Greater reliability

You will always be able to rely on our highly available global architecture for the highest possible uptime due to no single point of failure.

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Coverage in
120+ Countries

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From San Fran to Singapore, the Sipcom HALO™ Platform is there to take your business to the next level. How far do you want yours to go?
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