UC-One is a unified communication and collaboration cloud-based app for calling, messaging and meeting. It is accessible from any device at any time and includes HD video, voice, file sharing, screen sharing and conferencing.

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How UC-One Works For You

HD voice quality

Be crystal clear with high definition audio at all times. HD voice quality removes any potential misunderstandings by giving you twice the clarity of a standard phone call. Hear every single word and make every business call matter.

Keep your phone numbers

Carry on with your existing phone numbers and leave the complex regulatory rigmarole to us.


With the Sipcom HALO™ Platform we can port your number – even if it’s toll free – without any hassle or interruption to your regular service.

Make emergency calls

Consolidated compliance everywhere you need it. Many countries legally require companies to provide emergency services access.


Sipcom takes care of all the address verification and expected regulatory and compliance commitments. We connect you to the correct emergency services centre every time.

Use your internet provider

Stay with your current internet provider or upgrade to the Sipcom HALO™ Platform for industry-leading connectivity options.


Our connectivity options range from business broadband to dedicated leased lines. Whatever your business needs, we’ve got you covered.

Ready when you are

We understand that speed is a priority for any fast-growing business.


The team at Sipcom can have your new numbers up and running the very same day: unlike a traditional on-premise system, there’s no waiting around for delivery or installation.

Stay connected

Working from home? Travelling to meetings? With Sipcom, your customers can get in touch, wherever you are and on whatever device you’re using.


No need to be out of touch when out of office – just send all calls to a colleague or voicemail.

Benefits Of UC-One

It's easy to use

Use your own number. Get started in minutes. Our user-friendly cloud phone system is ideal for small to medium-sized businesses.

It's feature-rich

IM, share content, make calls … with over 75 features to make doing business easier than ever.

It's mobile-friendly

Whatever device your employees are on, wherever they are in the world, whatever the time zone, staying connected couldn’t be easier.

UC-One Powered By The Sipcom HALO™ Platform

Go global

Sipcom services are available in over 120 countries, giving your business a local presence across the globe.

Be scalable

The Sipcom HALO™ Platform is resilient and flexible allowing your business to add new users, teams or whole offices as and when you need them.

Feel reassured

You can always rely on our highly available global architecture for the highest possible uptime with no single point of failure.

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Coverage in
120+ Countries

Go global. Stay local.

From San Fran to Singapore, the Sipcom HALO™ Platform provides local access to SIP trunking and phone numbers in over 120+ countries. Let’s take your business to the next level.

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