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Hosted PBX

Enjoy the features and functionality of an on-premise telephony system without the capital outlay or maintenance costs.

Increase Flexibility

A growing trend occurring among many businesses is the practice of leveraging technology to reduce costs and secure improved communication tools.

By shifting away from traditional telephone systems, customers enjoy increased flexibility, rich features and large cost savings.

Hosted PBX

By shifting to a hosted PBX customers enjoy increased flexibility, rich features and large cost savings.

International Coverage & Global Capabilities

SIPCOM's Hosted PBX product is delivered from three Continents. This ensures high availability and low latency connections into your most local office or remote worker. SIPCOM also provides numbering in 64 countries and over 6000 cities globally, porting with over 50 operators.

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Local Emergency Service Support and E911

SIPCOM has developed a proprietary E911 application, which dynamically updates roaming user location details to the relevant Emergency Services database. In addition we have Emergency Service capabilities in over 20 countries.

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Bandwidth Optimised Voice Server

For those customers with limited bandwidth or budget, SIPCOM supports a variety of codec's including G711, G722, G729 allowing calls to be compressed or expanded depending on bandwidth availability.

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Device Agnostic

SIPCOM supports a wide range of endpoints across SIP, SCCP, H323 and MGCP protocols; covers BYOD policies and can support customers re-using existing devices.

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24/7 Support

Our SuperSupport incident desk provides a follow the sun service globally. SuperSupport can also be made available with local language support, if required

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OPEX Model

SIPCOM services and hardware are provided on an OPEX model without any upfront capital expenditure. Often we can work within a customer's current monthly budget.

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Hybrid Service Models

The SIPCOM Hosted PBX service can work with your existing PBX and allow you to add further users in the same office, international locations and homeworkers. It reduces cost and makes the world a smaller place with extension dialing between all users and platforms.

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We offer end-user training and support for all our products. We deliver training in a variety of ways including online; classroom and one-to-one. All our training is designed to ensure end-users understand how to use the features and functions.

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Business needs change quickly. A hosted PBX system provides the ability to dial up or down your service. For example, a company that receives high call volume during the holiday season may require additional flexibility this time of year.

Adding more phone lines and users is possible with a Hosted PBX System, without the worry of increasing your capital expenditures or dealing with expensive equipment upgrades. Also, when call volumes decline again, it’s possible to “dial down” your service to reduce costs.

Low Total Cost of Ownership

One of the largest advantages of a hosted PBX system is its capacity to utilise VoIP capabilities and eliminate multiple direct line connections. Yet, some companies resist switching – worried about increased cost or equipment. Typically, these systems will save businesses money and are more efficient over the long- term due to lower call connection, completion costs and lower maintenance requirements.


Another valuable benefit of hosted PBX systems is the ability to synchronise softphones with email, call forwarding, instant messaging and video conferencing. A softphone allows the user to access corporate features, like they’re working from the office. Exceptional mobility is provided to staff, stretched across multiple locations – and is ideal for telecommuters. Businesses can also administer changes from far way. Remote users are set-up to appear like they’re local to a business, which is one of the system’s most powerful features.

Business Continuity

A flood, earthquake or other natural disaster can knock out power to your office making it difficult to manage call volume. A hosted PBX system solves this problem. The solution is a redundant, secure data centre, that allows you to easily conduct business as usual – from outside of your office.

Reduced IT Pressure

‚ÄčA hosted PBX solution takes pressure off information technology and administrative staff, reduces long-term investments and increases productivity and mobility of employees. Design, training, management and installation of equipment are supplied by SIPCOM. Simple web-based administration makes phone management straightforward and reduces the volume of IT and administrative support hours required by a company.

Fewer Security Concerns

Hosted PBX phone services enhance overall cloud security with servers protected by industry-leading encryption.



Get your head out of the clouds
and into the cloud

By basing your telecoms and IT services in the cloud, you take the pressure off your internal IT functions and place the onus on much broader shoulders.

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