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Gain access to both the cost benefits of the public cloud and the additional security of the private cloud.

Adopt the Hybrid Approach

Optimise their Cloud Infrastructure for Business Agility

The use of cloud computing has become widespread within corporate IT, but many businesses are yet to find the configuration of solutions that best suits their organisation. Hybrid cloud, a model that combines public and private cloud services, is now emerging as the dominant environment for companies looking to optimise their cloud infrastructure for business agility.

Typically, most of our customers who adopt the hybrid cloud approach will use external clouds to host commodity IT services such as email and SharePoint while keeping their business-critical applications including UC as a Service running in private cloud environments. This way, they gain access to both the cost benefits of the public cloud and the additional security of the private cloud. The aim is to establish a unified computing environment that creates value through the close integration of public and private services.

SIPCOM enables companies to adopt the hybrid approach and has done since 2006. We deliver the highly rewarding hybrid cloud model navigating the level of complexity caused by several technologies, often provided by different vendors to ensure customers leverage ‘the best of both worlds’.

Our Customers

Our business model services end user and reseller customers.

Since 2006, our cloud solutions have helped our customer base to save money, increase productivity, collaborate better and ultimately improve their competitive edge.
Our customers range from sole traders to multi-nationals and span many industries.



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