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Mobility is becoming the default way of working. Empower your employees with SIPCOM’s mobile cloud solutions.

Efficient Workforce

Mobile device adoption has exploded in recent years and currently shows no sign of leveling out.

Meanwhile, the emergence of popular tablet devices for personal use has provided users with another means of communicating, accessing information and completing tasks in the workplace and while on the move.

The combined impact of these trends is an opportunity for employers to build a highly productive and efficient mobile workforce. Employees no longer need access to a desk to carry out their jobs. In many ways, they can function just as effectively outside the office as they can when on-premise.

The growing mobility trend has arguably gone beyond being a facet of the modern organisation – it is becoming the default way of working. As a new generation of employees enter the workplace, the traditional desktop will be just one of a number of devices used by employees. The growth in tablet and smartphone use is also contributing to greater in-office mobility. Employees can now move around within their work premises and collaborate with colleagues wherever they go, free from the restrictions of the desktop.

Mobile Cloud Services

All of our solutions are bespoke, allowing you to choose the exact service you require in the most secure environment.

Mobile Networks

Enjoy the best of both worlds. Through our distribution partnerships you can benefit from competitive tariff plans on the Vodafone and EE networks. Receive your mobile bill directly from the network operator whilst SIPCOM fully services your account.

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Mobile Device Management

Unlock the power of mobility securely with SIPCOM's MDM solution. Ensure compliance and reclaim control over corporate mobile devices and reduce the risk of data loss without sacrificing employee productivity.

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Our Customers

Our business model services end user and reseller customers.

Since 2006, our cloud solutions have helped our customer base to save money, increase productivity, collaborate better and ultimately improve their competitive edge.
Our customers range from sole traders to multi-nationals and span many industries.



Get your head out of the clouds
and into the cloud

By basing your telecoms and IT services in the cloud, you take the pressure off your internal IT functions and place the onus on much broader shoulders.

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