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Ensure compliance and reclaim control over corporate mobile devices and reduce the risk of data loss without sacrificing employee productivity.

Unlock the Value of Mobility

With the explosive adoption of consumer smartphones and tablets into the enterprise, enforcing corporate policies and best practices while supporting diverse user requirements is a real challenge for IT departments.

Organisations are increasingly finding their users accessing email, documents and applications on smartphones and tablets, requiring them to extend robust IT systems management controls and security policies to mobile devices.

SIPCOM delivers scalable, on-premises and SaaS mobile device management solutions designed to help you control and secure mobile and desktop devices and deploy applications. Our solutions deliver robust, enterprise-level application management and data security features to help you maintain a seamless mobile experience for end users, without sacrificing security.

With theses MDM capabilities, IT administrators can now push apps to mobile devices with simple button-clicks. A centralised management console simplifies app monitoring and support for all mobile devices across enterprise IT, through a single screen view.

Improved Enterprise Productivity

MDM effectively supports BYOD rollouts, which have been shown to improve employee productivity through facilitating flexible working practices.

Strengthened Security

With locate, lock and selective/full wipe device capabilities security is strengthened across the estate and business data is protected no matter where it sits or is accessed from.

Increased IT Efficiency

Helpdesk requests are reduced and increases in IT efficiency are realised through mobile email configuration.

Improved Cost Control

Real-time analytics for telecom expense management can aid cost control, and a BYOD policy will inevitably reduce device costs.



Get your head out of the clouds
and into the cloud

By basing your telecoms and IT services in the cloud, you take the pressure off your internal IT functions and place the onus on much broader shoulders.

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