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Network Rediness

Network and cloud readiness assessments ensure you make sensible, forward-looking decisions about your infrastructure.

Upgrade Your Communications Solutions

Prepare your network as you upgrade to new communications services

As you upgrade your communications solutions to voice and video over IP, adopt SIP technologies and move services to the Cloud, your network must cope with new levels of traffic and utilisation. SIPCOM Network Readiness Assessments help you be confident your infrastructure can deliver high-quality experiences, before you move forwards.

SIPCOM consultants leverage proven best practices to help prepare your enterprise for Voice over IP or Video over IP implementations and cloud migrations. Issues that develop after rollout can cost up to five times more to fix than those that are caught before implementation.

Reliable Network Consultancy

SIPCOM consultants review your current network configuration and consult with you about your objectives. We explain the quality of service (QoS) indicators and network requirements that will support your new solution. We also provide an expert perspective on security, interoperability, and design that can help optimise your network.

Cloud Ready?

As a response to organisations increasingly looking to cloud computing to improve business agility, simplify business processes and reduce costs, we have developed a portfolio of cloud readiness services.

While the benefits of cloud computing are significant, so are the complexities of planning, building, integrating and managing a cloud environment.

We can address your readiness to move to the Cloud and address security, compliance, integration, performance and cost concerns.

Our cloud readiness services highlight any potential hot spots with recommended remedial strategies. Key takeaways include a high-level roadmap and actionable plan to move forward and migrate workloads.

Our Customers

Our business model services end user and reseller customers.

Since 2006, our cloud solutions have helped our customer base to save money, increase productivity, collaborate better and ultimately improve their competitive edge.
Our customers range from sole traders to multi-nationals and span many industries.



Get your head out of the clouds
and into the cloud

By basing your telecoms and IT services in the cloud, you take the pressure off your internal IT functions and place the onus on much broader shoulders.

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