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System Integration

On Premise / Off Premise Integration

Quickly, easily, and efficiently integrate your on-premise business applications with new software as a service (SaaS) cloud applications.

Market Leading Integration

Harness the Power of Hybrid IT.

Despite the availability of cloud-based alternatives to most IT systems, few organisations have the ability or indeed desire to shift all their IT to the Cloud. Enterprises, public and private will always have a mix of on-premise and off-premise (cloud) based IT systems. We call this hybrid IT.

Hybrid IT has the potential to drive business agility like never before. There’s no doubt that cloud computing has permanently transformed the IT landscape. As enterprises adopt cloud computing and wrestle with increasing volumes of big data, hybrid data integration is essential to enable access to the data wherever it resides – in the Cloud and on-premise – and to bring it together in a hybrid IT system to unlock critical information to help you get the most from your existing IT structures and increase your competitiveness.

SIPCOM has extensive experience converging on-premise data networks with hosted applications and integrating on-premise PBXs with cloud based UC solutions. Our market leading integration and migration skills help our customers harness the power of hybrid IT.

Our Customers

Our business model services end user and reseller customers.

Since 2006, our cloud solutions have helped our customer base to save money, increase productivity, collaborate better and ultimately improve their competitive edge.
Our customers range from sole traders to multi-nationals and span many industries.



Get your head out of the clouds
and into the cloud

By basing your telecoms and IT services in the cloud, you take the pressure off your internal IT functions and place the onus on much broader shoulders.

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