Significant investment made in Sipcom HALO™ Platform with HPE Nimble storage

Global leader in unified communications and voice services, Sipcom has made a significant investment and upgraded its Sipcom HALO™ Platform’s storage environment with HPE Nimble.


The proprietary Sipcom HALO™ Platform provides a global secure and resilient architecture to hundreds of thousands of subscriptions across three continents. It has service availability in over 120 countries and delivers real time communications to its customers. “Customers trust Sipcom to look after their data, so we have to have full confidence in the solutions and the technologies that we provide. Performance, availability and scalability are absolutely key which is why we decided to go with the All Flash version of the HPE Nimble Storage,” explains James Davidson, Chief Operating Officer, Sipcom. HPE Nimble storage provides the flexibility and scalability needed to cope with Sipcom’s predicted growth and future demands.


To simplify monitoring and management, the solution includes the use of both HPE OneView and HPE InfoSight software within the new datacentre infrastructure. The HPE OneView solution enabled a software-defined approach to infrastructure management with efficient workflow automation, data collection and reporting. In addition, the HPE InfoSight software provides proactive monitoring, using advanced machine learning to predict and automatically resolve most issues before they could impact on system performance.


“HPE intelligent storage is helping to drive our business forward. We use HPE Proactive Care across our server and storage infrastructure, which gives us access to HPE support 24/7. We are predicting storage utilisation using the AI functionality of HPE Infosight. This enables us to review current data and understand what is required which has given us greater planning and operational benefits,” says James Davidson. “Since deploying HPE Nimble Storage, we have seen four times efficiency savings through deduplication and the ability to scale the storage requirements to meet our customers’ needs.


With any business growing 140% year on year we needed to find a storage partner in technology that could support our growth. Our confidence in HPR Nimble Storage is reflected in the fact that it’s now an integral part of the Sipcom HALO™ Platform and our technology programme,” states Daniel Allen, Chief Executive Officer at Sipcom.

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