Sipcom supports thousands of users globally throughout the pandemic

Global leader in unified communications and voice services, Sipcom migrated more than 50,000 subscribers to a homeworking model in under two days. The Covid-19 outbreak is having a major impact on businesses. The companies that will survive and indeed flourish are those that will adapt to new ways of working and operating. Sipcom switched on homeworking easily for its own staff across all global offices because of its optimised infrastructure.


All employees are now home-based, and it is business as usual for the global leader in unified communications and collaboration services. It also migrated 100,000 users over the course of a week, with 50,000 of those in under two days. “Sipcom’s mission is to deliver better, agile and efficient ways of working to our clients – to ultimately help them work smarter. We now find ourselves in a world where we have to work differently, and quickly.


With homeworking mandated across the world we found ourselves in an unprecedented situation that we had to react well to,” comments James Davidson, Chief Operating Officer, Sipcom. “We are all experiencing exponential challenges to keep our businesses operational and enabling employees to work safely from home whilst maintaining business continuity is the objective of all our clients. We worked round the clock to ensure this happened smoothly, efficiently and rapidly.”

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