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Toll Free and Local Numbering

Increase professionalism and globalise your organisation with toll free and local numbering solutions from SIPCOM.

Make Your Business More Professional

Great for marketing, customer services and indicating a national or regional presence, toll free numbers can make your business sound more professional.

Toll Free Number

A toll-free number is a number that your customers can call free of charge. They are available in several four-digit area codes and we offer them in 64 countries (Click here to see a list). SIPCOM also offers vanity numbers, which allows you to spell the name of your product using your phone number (e.g.0800-PRODUCT).

Great for marketing and customer services, regardless of how long you have been in business, offering a toll-free number gives clients and prospects the impression that you are a successful national company.


Local Phone Number

With a local number from SIPCOM, businesses are able to create a local presence in one or many cities across the World. Often having a local number attached to your business gives you a big competitive edge over other businesses that are not local or only offer toll free services. A local number establishes your business in any existing or new market and can be used whether your office is local or not. We offer Local Numbers in 64 countries.

Easy Management

Our cloud based control means managing your numbers is now possible through any device connected to the Internet.  This enables access 24/7, 365 days a year from wherever you are, giving you full control over your setup.

Increased New Business

Attract new business from outside your local geographic area with the toll free service. Research by the Institute of Direct Marketing shows 0800 numbers can increase enquiries by up to 185%.


Our numbers are completely trackable and you can access call statistics showing you how many calls your receiving; are unanswered and how long they last.

Effective Disaster Recovery

In the event of an emergency you can instantly re-route your incoming calls to any landline or mobile phone number using our cloud based control.

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Straightforward Quick Set-up

Our support team will contact you within 24 hours to assist with setup of your extensions and greetings, as well as provide you with a direct line for ongoing support.



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